The Green Lantern, is an upcoming Lego Super Heroes minifigure to be released in 2012, as part of the DC Universe subtheme.

Background Edit

An average test pilot, Hal Jordan witnessed an alien aircraft crash down on earth. Rushing through the rubble, Jordan discovered Abin Sur, Green Lantern from the Sector 2814. Abin Sur tells Jordan that the ring has chosen him to become his successor and become the new Green Lantern of Sector 2814. Jordan accepts and becomes the new Green Lantern. Jordan later defeats Abin Sur's enemy, Parallax, and Parallax's apprentice, Hector Hammond.

Description Edit

This minifigure is based on the Hal Jordan Green Lantern. He will have short and messy dark brown hair, a green mask, a green double sided torso, dark green sleeves, green gloves and dark green trousers. The other side of his face shows an angry expression.

Notes Edit

  • Green Lantern will have a double sided head.
  • 1500 Green Lantern minifigures were given away at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. [1]
  • The Comic-Con Green Lantern is based on the Super Hero's appearance in the recent Green Lantern film.
  • He has yet to be released in any actual LEGO sets.

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