NRG Cole

Cole is the ninja of Earth. His elemental color is black. Up to date, there are six variations of Cole. They are Cole, Cole DX, Cole ZX, NRG Cole, Kendo Cole, and his microfigure form. He was introduced in the storyline attacking Kai, along with two other ninja named Zane and Jay


Sensei Wu found him climbing up a cliff. He unlocked his full potential in "The Royal Blacksmiths" and became an NRG ninja (by saving his dad). His dad is a proffessonal dancer and wanted him to be a dancer only that Cole ran away from The Marty Oppenhiemer School of Dance.He also won the fang blade cup by dancing while stopping the serpentine. He was afraid of dragons untill he tamed his dragon, Rocky. He is the ninja team's leader. His elemental weapon is the Scythe of Quakes.