6869 Quinjet Aerial Battle is a Marvel Super Heroes setreleased in April 2012. It consists of a model of the Quinjet, a vehicle used by the Avengers, and a small flying chariot used by Loki. It contains the minifigures Black Widow, Iron Man (Mark 7), Thor, Loki, and an Alien Foot Soldier.It has 735 pieces and costs $69.99 USD.


This set includes the Quinjet for The Avengers, piloted byBlack Widow, which includes flick fire missles, a mini-jet, and a prison pod. Also included is a chariot for Loki, driven by an Alien Foot Soldier.

The Quinjet

The Quinjet has two large wings with movable wingtips, two large movable jet engines with fins at it's back, and two opening cockpits at it's front, which would appear to be attached onto the rest of the ship, rather than built as part of it. In the middle, there is a cockpit-like prison, and it appears that it can fit about 2-3 minifigures. At the rear is a lowering boarding ramp. The Quinjet also has landing gear.

Flying Chariot

Loki's Flying Chariot consists of two main parts. The first of these is a steering section, in which the Alien Foot Soldier stands, and from which two weapons protrude. The Foot Soldier is partially protected by a shield attached to the section's front, printed with a peculiar design. The Chariot's second section is the passenger section where Loki stands, which appears to be fairly flat.


In The ComicsEditEdit

The Quinjet is a large vehicle, used for transportation by The Avengers. It was initially designed by Black Panther of the Wakanda Design Group.[1]

Comic AdventureEditEdit

In the adventure , Black Widow, Thor, and Iron Man are aboard the helicarrier and notice an explosion in the distance. Thor and Black Widow fly in the Quinjet with Iron Man flying along side. they discover Loki on his charoit with a Alien Foot Soldier. A battle between them ensues.

In The Avengers EditEdit

This set is based on a scene from The Avengers.


  • This set includes a "comic adventure".
  • Black Widow is exclusive to this set, as is the Mark 7 version of Iron Man.
  • With 735 pieces, it is not only the largest set in the Marvel subtheme, but the Super Heroes theme as a whole. Description==

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Defeat Loki and his forces with the super fast Quinjet!

Loki is up to no good and is planning to destroy the earth! As he flies into battle on board his chariot, help the Avenger's defeat their nemesis using the supersonic Quinjet! Fire the missiles, release the mini-jet and imprison Loki in the prison pod! With the high-tech Quinjet, the Avengers can't fail! Includes Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Loki and foot soldier minifigures.

  • Includes 5 minifigures: Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, Loki and foot soldier
  • Vehicles include Quinjet and Loki's chariot
  • Quinjet features adjustable wing tips, 2 opening cockpits with space for 2 minifigures, detachable mini-jet, 4 missiles, prison pod and rear door
  • Chariot features dual flick missiles and control platform that raises or lowers
  • Weapons include Loki's staff, Thor's hammer and Iron Man's thruster flame
  • Launch the mini-jet!
  • Fire the missiles!
  • Rotate the Quinjet wingtips 360 degrees!
  • Open the cockpits!
  • Load the captured badguys into the Quinjet's prison pod!
  • Quinjet measures over 5" (15cm) high, 15" (39cm) long
  • Chariot measures over 2" (6cm) high and 5"(13cm) long


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